Golf Advice

Out on the golf course, a beautiful woman asks three men for some help with her putt. "Whichever of you can help me sink this putt, I will give that guy a blow job he will never forget."

The teenager walks over, eyes up the putt for a couple of minutes, and finally says, "Lady, aim that putt six inches to the right of the hole. The ball will break left 12 inches from the hole and go in the cup."

The middle-aged man walks up and says, "Don't listen to the youngster! Aim 12 inches to the right, and the ball will break left two feet from the hole and fall into the cup."

The elderly man looks at the other two men in disgust, picks up the ball, drops it into the cup, unzips his fly and says, "That's a Gimme."


CC:Stand-Up News

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