The Fence

A man strolls into a pharmacy and asks the assistant for some condoms.
She asks, ''What size please?''
''Good question," he replies, " I'm not sure,"
''Tell ya what. Right outside, there's a fence with three holes in it, stick your d**k in the holes and tell me which one it fits in,'' suggests the lady.
So he takes her advice, goes outside and puts his d**k in the first hole. A woman walks past, see's his d**k and starts feeling it.
The man thinks, ''Hey, this ain't too bad.''
Then he puts his d**k in the second hole, another woman walks by, and gives him a blow job. At this point, he is literally blown away.
He quickly shoves his d**k in the last hole, and yet another woman walks by, and she starts to shag him.
After they are done rocking, he high-steps it back inside and goes to the counter.
The assistant asks ''What size then?''
"Forget the condoms," says the man, "how much for the fence?"

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