Jimmy Learns a New Word

A little boy came home from school one day and told his mother, ''Mom, today I heard some older kids using some words I don't know the meaning of. Can you tell me what they mean?''

''Sure,'' his mother said. ''Just tell me what they are.''

The little boy replied, ''P***y and bitch.''

His mother said, ''No problem. A pussy is a cat, like the neighbor's Tabby, and a bitch is a female dog, like our Sandy.''

The boy thanked his mother, and then went out to the garage, where his father was working. ''Dad,'' he began, ''today I heard some kids using some words that I don't know the meaning of. I asked Mom, but I don't think that she gave me the right answer. Can you help me?''

''Sure,'' his father replied. ''What are the words?''

''P***y and bitch,'' the boy replied.

His father said, ''I thought I told you anytime you have a question like that, you were supposed to ask me, and not your mother, because she can't handle it.'' With that, he reached up on a shelf and pulled down an edition of Playboy magazine, and a magic marker. He then took the marker, and drew a circle around the woman's genital area. ''Son,'' he began, ''everything inside this circle is a p***y.''

''Okay,'' his son said, ''but what is a bitch?''

His father said, ''Everything outside this circle.''

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