Tom Kenny: Titanic Band

There were some things I liked about 'Titanic.' I loved the characters of the band. I wanted the whole movie to be about them. They went out of this life and out of this plane of existence, and they shuffled off this mortal coil, doing what they loved to do... That's a really cool bit -- where they're going down, and one guy looks at the other musician, he goes, 'You know, I don't think they're listening.' And the other goes, 'Ah, they didn't listen at dinner, either.' And the other guy goes, 'Yeah.' And they just keep playing. I started to tear up at that moment. This girl behind me destroys the beautiful moment by saying this right in my ear: 'Ah, duh, maybe nobody's listening because the ship is sinking! Duh! Real good time for a concert! Duh!'

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