Myq Kaplan: Final Destination Recap

The movie is about a boy who gets in a plane; the plane takes off, explodes -- everybody dies. But then the boy wakes up before that happened: it was a vision of the future. He's now on the plane before it's taken off. He's like, 'We got to get out of here. This is going to blow!' So they kick him off the plane because that's what would happen if you did that in real life. So far, very realistic. So, he's off the plane. It does take off, it does explode -- just like he saw in his vision. He cheated death. Death then haunts him and follows him for the rest of the movie, which is what happens if you cheat death in a crappy movie. So, I get to the end of this hour and a half of my life. I'm like, 'What a crapfest.' Then I wake up in the theater before it started. I'm like, 'We go to get out of here. This is going to blow!'

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