The Polish Passenger

A Polish man was taking a flight on acommercial airliner. The airliner had 4 engines, which is quite normal. About an hour intothe flight, a loud BOOM occurred.

The flight attendant came over the intercom and said,"Ladies and gentlemen, we have blown an engine, but there is no need to worry. Westill have three engines, I repeat, we still have three engines."

Everyone stayed calm.

Aboutanother hour later, another boom.

The flight attendant comes over the intercom."Ladies and gentlemen, we have blown another engine, but there is no need to worry!We still have two more engines to go!"

The people stayed calm.

An hour later, thesame situation. Now only one engine remained.

Then, the Polish man stood up and saidoutloud, "Man! If this keeps up, we could be up here all day!"

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