John Oliver: Ban Ki-moon Swearing

The fact that politicians don't swear is something I've always found inherently untrustworthy. Look at Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the UN. If he doesn't swear, considering what he hears about every single day, during his job... that is a real problem. If the first thing out of his mouth in the morning... when the phone starts to ring before he's even had the chance to sit down... is not 'What? What the f**k do you want? Can I not just drink my f**king coffee and eat my f**king bagel before you tell me what f**king calamity has just befallen mankind? I f**king hate this f**king job. If my wife... asks me one more time 'How was work today, darling,' I'm going to lose my s**t. How was work today? It was f**king harrowing, sweetheart. How is it being married to the shell of a man? F**k.' If that is not the first thing out of his face, he should be fired on the spot.