Natasha Leggero - White Rich Person Rap

This goes out to my attorney Morris: 'My hedge fund's expanding / my private jet's landing / I'm going to the Vineyard with my manservant Channing. / I won another lawsuit -- it makes me quite happy. / I think I'll go to the beach house and take a little nappy. / I'm rich, y'all. White rich, y'all. / Like my oil tanker ruined the ocean, y'all. / Like I use stem cells as lotion, y'all. / I'm rich -- white rich. / I start wars as a hobby; my limo has a lobby. / My cousin paid to kill that Kennedy, Bobby. / I'm rich -- white rich. / I love being rich, I never wait my turn and if you don't do what I say I'll put my p***y on your sideburns.'