More Children's Books That Didn't Make It

-- The Littlest Pawn: A Custody Battle
-- Fun Four-Letter Words to Know and Share
-- The Curious Immigrant and the High-Voltage Fence
-- Some Hobos Can Be Kind
-- Why You Are Up for Adoption
-- Grandpa Gets a Casket
-- 101 Things You Can Do at the Bottom of the Pool
-- The Magic Abandoned Refrigerator
-- Oops! You're Getting a Brother
-- Things Rich Kids Have, But You Never Will
-- Your Nightmares Are Real
-- Oh, the Things That You'll Learn When You Talk to a Stranger!
-- How Buddy-Wuddy Got Hepatitis B
-- Mommy, Where Did Our House Go and Have You Seen My Toys?
-- When Everyone Finds Out You Wet the Bed