Something to Sneeze At

A man is sitting next to a woman on an airplane. Suddenly, the man sneezes. He unzips his pants and wipes himself off with his handkerchief. He zips up and continues reading his magazine.

The woman cannot believe what she has just seen. He sneezes again, unzips and wipes himself off with the handkerchief.

The woman says, "Sir, that's disgusting and rude! If you do it again, I'm going to call the flight attendant and have you removed from this plane."

He says, "I'm so sorry that I've offended you. I have this very rare, embarrassing condition that causes me to orgasm every time I sneeze."

The woman, disarmed by the man's honesty, says with sympathy, "Oh, you poor man. What do you take for it?"

"Pepper," he answers.