Room 88

A virgin boy turns 18, and asks his dad for money to go to the whore house. His dad gives him 20 bucks and says, "Son, get it done. But one thing before you go, whatever you do, don't venture into Room 88." The kid agrees.

He gets to the whore house and says to the lady at the desk, "Hi, I would like to get a room."

She responds, "Sorry young man. The only room left is Room 88."

The kid, dripping with horniness, takes it despite his father's warning. When he gets up there, there is a hole in the wall. It says, "Insert cock here for pleasure." He walks over, sticks it in, and gets his c**k sucked for an hour and a half and explodes inside the mystery mouth hidden behind the wall.

He gets home and tells his dad he had his d**k sucked by a real pro in Room 88.

His dad turns deathly pale and cries, "Uh, oh. That was you?"